Best Denver Recreational Dispensaries - Marijuana

See the list of the best Denver recreational dispensaries as well as in the surrounding cities. Locate the best Denver Dispensaries near you.

If you are looking for recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado, Denver is a great place to start. As Denver is the largest city in the weed-legal state, it is an epicenter for cannabis stores and dispensaries.

Where Can I Buy Marijuana?

You can legally buy marijuana at any cannabis store or dispensary, and a simple Google search will bring up locations that are closest to your particular area. Most recreational marijuana stores close between 7 pm to 10 pm, but you will never find one open after 10 pm due to Denver’s requirement for dispensaries to be closed by 10 pm. Other dispensaries in the state may be open up until midnight.

Other things to consider when buying marijuana:

  • You must present a state-issued ID, a valid passport, Native American, or military ID to purchase at a dispensary. Some dispensaries only accept horizontal IDs, despite if you are of age.
  • Also be aware when buying marijuana that some locations provide both recreational and medical marijuana products, but not all! Do your research before you go.
  • It is illegal to buy marijuana from an unlicensed source, whether it be a person or entity.
  • COVID-19 pandemic may impact your local dispensary’s hours or regulations. Some have resorted to curbside or to-go pick up.
  • Most shops only accept cash to due banking regulations being on a federal level and marijuana still being illegal federally.
  • All pot you buy will be sold in an opaque, child-resistant package that is specifically detailed with labels and potency.

How Much Marijuana Can I Have?

There is a legal amount of weed a person is allowed to have on hand at any one time. Denver recreational marijuana laws state that you can legally possess 1 ounce of marijuana.

If you are using different forms of THC such as concentrates or edibles, you may possess 1 ounce of THC at one time. Those that have a medical marijuana card may possess up to 2 ounces, 40 grams of concentrate, or 20,000 mg of a cannabis product. For medical users, it is possible for the amount in possession to be increased with expressed permission from a physician.

It is legal to purchase up to 28 grams of cannabis products in a single transaction.

Where Can I Consume It?

There are several options when it comes to areas where you can smoke or consume marijuana products. Some include:

420 friendly hotels and lodging

Some commercial hotels have smoking patios or rooms available during your stay. There are also private residences sometimes referred to as “bud and breakfast” where on-site marijuana consumption is permitted. However, be aware that each hotel or residence may have its own rules as to when and where you may smoke.

In your own private residence

Be aware that if you are renting your current residence, your property owner does have a right to ban smoking on the premises.

Social marijuana lounges

Remember: You cannot consume marijuana openly or publicly.

What Kinds of Marijuana Are There?

Different strains:

  • Indica strains are known for their relaxing and calming effects.
  • Sativa strains are known for their euphoric and energetic effects.
  • Hybrid strains are available for users who want a balance of both sedative and uplifting results.

Different forms:

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the main active compounds found in the cannabis plant and can be consumed in many different ways:

  • Oils
  • Creams and lotions
  • Capsules and pills
  • Edibles
  • Vaping

Tours and Events

Marijuana tourism

Cannabis tours are now a popular experience in Colorado. Tours differ in agenda with some including an inside look into growing operations, a demonstration of the creation of glassblowers, marijuana education, and more. Some tours are more accommodating toward large groups and others tailor toward smaller, more intimate groups. Do your research and plan ahead!

Virtual marijuana events

There are virtual happy hour events, cannabis cooking classes, educational workshops, cannabis conferences and expos, yoga events, book clubs, paint classes, networking events, and more all surrounded by the topic of cannabis, CBD, and more!


Lounges are an excellent place where people can relax and socialize indoors while consuming marijuana. Social lounges are simply a location where you can legally consume cannabis, however, they themselves do not sell products. The fee to enter is only to enjoy the space.

Other Important Recreational Marijuana Rules in Denver:

  • Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but it is still illegal under Federal law.
  • Working in the marijuana industry can impact immigration and/or citizenship statuses for non-citizens.
  • You must be of legal age (21+) to buy recreational marijuana products or hold a valid medical marijuana card to obtain marijuana.
  • Only Colorado residents can acquire a medical marijuana card.
  • You do not need to be a Colorado resident to carry recreational cannabis.
  • You cannot consume marijuana openly and publicly. Doing so may result in a ticket and/or a fine.
  • The legal limit of active THC in your system while driving is 5 ng per mL of blood. Exceeding the legal limit will be treated as a DUI (driving under the influence) violation.
  • It is illegal for you to transport marijuana to your home state via car, plane, or other means, even if it was purchased legally.
  • Marijuana cannot be possessed or consumed on federal land such as national parks, national forests, monuments, etc. Even if the state has legalized marijuana, possession, and consumption is still illegal on federal property and can result in fines and jail time. This includes Rocky Mountain National Park and many ski slopes.
  • You cannot consume marijuana on transportation facilities, parks, music events and festivals, sports events, ski resorts, concerts, amusement venues, restaurants, theaters, office buildings, etc.
  • 21+ residents are allowed to cultivate up to 6 plants and medical marijuana patients may grow more depending on advice from their physician.
  • It is illegal to give or sell marijuana to anyone under 21.
  • Those caught possessing or consuming marijuana between the ages of 18 and 21 will result in a civil penalty.
  • You cannot send marijuana in the mail. Doing so can result in federal charges.
  • There is a marijuana tax.