Where Can I Smoke Pot in Colorado? Rules, Regulations, and Places

Recreational Marijuana Tourism

A Guide to Recreational Weed in Colorado

The Cannabis industry in Colorado has been growing steadily since it was legalized in 2012, with an increase in numbers of places where you can buy and enjoy cannabis. In Colorado, there is a distinction made between medicinal and recreational cannabis use, with different laws attached to them. Colorado is seeing an increased number of tourists, who are looking to take advantage of these changes, but it is important that you know the facts. Here are some very helpful Colorado recreational marijuana

How Can I Find Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries?

There are now more than 320 recreational marijuana stores in Colorado, but while the state law says that you can legally sell cannabis between 8am and midnight, cities can impose their own laws within those limits. For example, in Denver, vendors may only sell marijuana until 7pm.

There are still some cities in Colorado which don’t allow recreational marijuana stores, so if you are planning a trip to the state and hoping to be buying cannabis, you might want to check out which cities are actually allowing stores. Use our helpful weed map to find a dispensary in a city near you to find Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

Colorado Recreational Marijuana Laws

Whether you prefer to smoke, vape or eat your cannabis, you can almost always find what you are looking for. Legally, you are allowed to possess up to 1 ounce but non-residents are only legally allowed to buy ¼ ounce in one transaction – that’s not to stop you from visiting different stores though. The price of an ounce seems to be falling rapidly with the average price of a 1/8 ounce are anywhere from $80-$150 depending upon the strain of weed you choose.

While you are free to roam in Colorado with your personal stash, it is still illegal in our neighboring states, and the Police especially in these states pay particular attention to those who are crossing into their territory from ours. They use profiling techniques to target those who they think are likely to be in possession of cannabis, and will happily stop you and search you and your vehicle. So don’t bother taking a pot souvenir with you across state lines – it’s not worth it.

The US postal service also pays particular attention to packages leaving Colorado, so forget sending it out of state. :0

For the official rules and regulations visit Denver’s government page for the fine print on recreational marijuana laws in Colorado.

Where can I Smoke Weed in Colorado?

At the moment the law does not allow the smoking of pot in public spaces or licensed public places. In Colorado, discretion is appreciated, and must be done in a private residence or a marijuana friendly venue.

Some ‘private membership cannabis clubs’ have been springing up recently, where you can buy a one day membership, and enjoy social smoking, chatting and chilling out in a relaxed atmosphere. The rules about these sort of establishments are still not properly defined, so they are still not too easy to come by, but hopefully over the next few months we will see more definition, giving pot lovers more choice over where to enjoy a smoke.

Marijuana Friendly Hotels in Colorado

With the rise in the number of tourists who are coming to Colorado to enjoy a smoke, and the small number of places where you can smoke, there are an increasing number of hotels which are declaring themselves ‘marijuana friendly’. Hotels are allowed to decide for themselves whether they want to allow their guests to consume cannabis on their premises, but it seems to be an increasingly popular idea.

Some hotels in Denver who have declared themselves to be ‘marijuana friendly’, include:

Adagio B&B

1430 Race Street
Denver, CO, 80206, USA
(303) 370-6911 | (800) 533-4640

The first and premier 420-friendly hotel in Denver is a beautifully decorated six-bedroom Victorian lodge in the middle of the city. It has a fully stocked ‘bud bar’ with a selection of different marijuana to smoke and eat, as well as vaporizers to rent and cannabis-infused massage.

Highlands Bed and Breakfast

37th Ave & Zuni St
Denver, CO 80211

Smoking is allowed in the garden area of this remodelled B&B and there are vaporizer friendly rooms available.

Nativ Hotel Denver

1612 Wazee Street
Denver, CO 80202

A hip and trendy hotel in downtown Denver has 16 unique rooms, some with private patio or rooftop areas.

Holiday Chalet

1820 E. Colfax
Denver, CO 80209

The Holiday Chalet is an AAA-rated hotel providing top notch service for their guests, in a warm, charming and comfortable environment. The hotel is located on Capitol Hill and has a home cooked breakfast to die for.

Arrowhead Manor

9284 U.S. Highway 285
Morrison, CO 80465


The luxurious Arrowhead Manor is one of Colorado’s best and most famous romantic getaways. On the outskirts of the city, you can really relax and enjoy the stunning views.

It is worth noting that there are hotels who declare themselves to be ‘cannabis friendly’ but still have rules about where you can smoke. It is important to understand this when you are deciding on where to stay, and of course where to smoke – and some would expect discretion and respect for their other guests. There are also, however, some hotels which openly, almost ‘encourage’ consumption and who let you smoke in a number of different areas.

It should also be noted, that even if your room has a balcony, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can smoke your weed there.

Another option for visitors who are looking for pot-friendly accommodation is to rent a private apartment. The websites above can also provide details about non-hotel lodgings which are available for hire.

Whether you are visiting Denver specifically as a cannabis vacation, or just hoping to indulge in the recent law changes, the selection and quality of marijuana that you’ll find in Denver means that it will be totally worth it. By knowing the laws and your rights, and consuming in the right way in the right place, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life and already planning your trip back.

***** The statements made in this article are not legal advise or intended to be used as such. Always check local laws and regulation to make sure you are in compliance*****