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Denver Dispensaries Near Me & Open Late – Medical & Rec.

Best Denver Dispensaries and Cannabis Stores Near Me – Medical and Recreational

Who We Are

Denver Dispensaries is an online network resource dedicated to helping people locate medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries throughout the State of Colorado. Providing information for dispensaries throughout the state including:

Denver Recreational Dispensaries

Are you a recreational cannabis user who works odd hours, is bad at planning ahead, or simply too busy to shop during regular hours? We’ve got you covered. Our team works tirelessly to list and keep up to date key information on ALL the best Denver recreational dispensaries open late. From Cannabis Flower and THC tinctures, to CBD and pre-rolls, you’ll have everything you need and perhaps even some ‘nice to haves’ as well.

Denver Recreational Dispensary

Denver Medical Dispensaries

Denver medical dispensaries offer a heroic public service, helping Denver area residents to get the medicine they need to improve their quality of life and help them feel their best selves. Yet, many medical dispensaries across Denver don’t offer late-night hours. This leaves those without a regular schedule in a tight spot. But we’re here for you. Sort through the best Denver Medical dispensaries open late, and in a few clicks of the mouse you’ll have all the details you need to find the right place to make sure you get and stay medicated without missing a beat.

Denver Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Cannabis Store

What’s a ‘cannabis store’? Another name for dispensary, Denver cannabis stores carry a broad range of cannabis products including but not limited to THC tinctures, cannabis flower and bud, CBD, pre-rolls, accessories (such as vapes, bongs, and other glassware) and so much more. Find everything you need by searching for Cannabis stores near you.

Cannabis-Friendly Hotels

Below are some cannabis-friendly hotels in the state of Colorado:

For more details about these hotels and more places to check out, click here.

Marijuana Statistics 2021 for Denver County

  1. The total medical marijuana gross sales of 2021 is around $189 million
  2. The total retail marijuana gross sales of 2021 is around $501 million
  3. The total marijuana revenue of Denver for 2021 is $72.6 million

Holistic Medicine Practitioner

Unlike ‘conventional’ Western medical providers, the holistic medicine practitioner is focused on the whole patient, not just the ailment or symptom. Holistic medical providers are concerned with the patient’s mind, body and spirit as part of their overall wellness and quality of life. As such, many holistic medicine practitioners in Denver look to cannabis (when appropriate) for use with patients experiencing a wide range of symptoms.
If you’re in search of a holistic medicine practitioner for you or a loved one, we can help connect you with a trusted local provider who can help.

Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Looking for an alternative medicine practitioner in the greater Denver area? Recent research shows that the use of alternative medicine has been steadily on the rise, including the use of cannabis and cannabinoids for a wide range of health-related purposes.

Typically focusing on prevention, holistic treatment, and a combination of both Eastern and Western medical practices, these practitioners offer a valuable approach to health and wellness throughout the state.

How Our Website Works

On Denver Dispensaries, you have access to a map of all the medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries near you. You can view by location on the map or by list view or grid view.

You can sort the dispensaries by medical versus recreational, dispensaries that are open late, list alphabetically, by rating, by reviews, by publishing date, or randomly! Each dispensary listed has a telephone number, address, hours of operation, and an overview of the establishment and any reviews left by our visitors.

If there are daily specials specific to the business, these are displayed in the overview.

Creating a User-Friendly Network

Denver Dispensaries strives to make our database easy to navigate. You can share the specific dispensary’s page on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social platforms with a click of a button. There is also an opportunity to leave reviews for each dispensary listing. Like what you see and want to save it for later? We also have an “Add to Favorites” feature.

Online Resources

Our resources page contains articles that include information, news, or updates about everything marijuana. Some of our articles include “What is a Dab? A Guide to Marijuana Dabs & Concentrates” and “Denver Colorado Marijuana Laws – Updated for 2020”. We want everyone to stay educated and informed, so we update our resources page often. Check back periodically for new stuff. Of course, there is a section for replies. We want to hear from you!

Work with Us and Submit a Listing

Want to work with us? We have multiple ad placement plans offering single submission packages so we can put your listing on our website or homepage. These listing durations range from one month to three years. Inquire about being featured on our page further by clicking the “Submit Listing” tab. Take a look at some examples by clicking around our website!

Frequently Asked Questions about Denver Dispensaries

Is marijuana legal in Colorado? Can I buy it?

Yes. If you are 21 years or older and have a valid government-issued ID, you can legally buy recreational marijuana. If you are 18 years or older and have a valid government-issued ID and have a medical marijuana card, you can purchase marijuana.

What is a government-issued ID?

Examples of a government-issued ID include a driver’s license, instruction permit, identification card from any US state or territory or province of Canada, Merchant Marine ID, US Armed Forced ID, or passport. The ID must be up to date and not expired.

Can I buy cannabis if I am not a Colorado resident?

Yes, you are legally allowed to possess and consume recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado even if you are not a Colorado resident if you have a valid government-issued ID. There is no input into a cannabis registration system for recreational use, but there is for medical marijuana use, which must be registered into the state system. Remember, you cannot cross state lines with any cannabis products. You have to use or leave behind any remaining weed. You will have to buy more in the state or country you’re going to (if it is legal there).

How much cannabis can I buy?

Recreational users without a medical card can possess up to one ounce of cannabis at a time. If you are a registered medical patient, you may possess what is medically necessary for your condition.

What are the reselling laws?

Only licensed retailers are allowed to sell cannabis products. No reselling is allowed and can result in state or federal prosecution.

Where can I consume cannabis?

You cannot consume cannabis in public, it is illegal. This can result in a ticket. Concerts and other events are considered publicly accessible and therefore cannabis consumption on the premise of these events is prohibited. It is also illegal to possess and consume cannabis products in national parks, national forests, monuments, and other federally run properties due to cannabis not being legal on a federal level. There are a couple of Colorado Marijuana Social Lounges in Denver and a few in Colorado Springs where you can smoke or consume cannabis products legally and socially indoors. However, these social lounges are not widespread yet so if you are in another area besides Denver or Colorado Springs, it is best to use in the comfort of your own home (or your friend’s house).

What are the laws for smoking/consuming cannabis and driving?

The legal limit of the amount of active THC in your system while driving is 5 ng per ml of blood. Like drinking alcohol and driving, smoking/consuming cannabis while driving counts as driving under the influence and can result in serious consequences. Like alcohol, no open containers of cannabis products may be in the car. It is also illegal to drive friends who are smoking in the back of the car. Getting caught violating any of these laws can result in a DUI or other legal action.

How can I get medicinal marijuana?

You must have a medical marijuana card and be a Colorado resident to purchase medical marijuana. Medicinal marijuana must be recommended by a licensed physician. To apply for a Colorado medical marijuana ID card, you must fill out an application form, get certified by a physician, provide a Colorado government-issued ID or proof of residency waiver, and a $15 check or a fee waiver. Once you have obtained the medical marijuana ID card, it can be taken to any medically endorsed dispensary to be inputted into the state-wide database.

What are the laws regarding edibles?

All edibles must be individually wrapped and must not exceed 10 mg per dose. They can come in the form of chocolates, rice krispies treats, brownies, and more. Due to the resemblance of regular candies and sweets, it is very important that these be kept out of reach of children.

Are all dispensaries cash only?

Cannabis is not federally legal yet, so banking can be a challenge in regard to dispensary transactions with credit and debit cards. Therefore, dispensaries are cash-only establishments, though many have ATMs onsite to make cash withdrawal easy for customers.

What are the hours of operation for cannabis dispensaries?

Each dispensary can operate during the hours of their choosing within certain limits. The state law allows dispensaries to be open from 8 am to 12 am, though some specific cities have their own rules that slightly deviate from this. For example, Denver dispensaries must be closed by 10 pm.

Quick Facts and Important Laws

      1. Cannabis consumption is illegal in public.
      2. You cannot cross state lines with any cannabis products due to cannabis being illegal on a federal level.
      3. Getting caught illegally possessing marijuana can result in up to $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail from just the first offense. Punishment only increases for any offenses following that. is for information purposes only.  We strongly recommend that you do research and stay informed on the ever-changing regulations concerning state laws regarding recreational and medical marijuana purchase and use.  We are not lawyers and are not providing any legal advice.  Now the real legal stuff…..

The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.  Information on this website may not constitute the most up-to-date legal or other information.  This website contains links to other third-party websites.  Such links are only for the convenience of the reader, user, or browser; does not recommend or endorse the contents of the third-party sites.

The information on may be changed without notice and is not guaranteed to be complete, correct or up to date.  While we continuously try to update listings and posts on a regular basis, they may not reflect the most current legal developments.  Any opinions expressed through posts, reviews, or comments are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of ownership or personnel.

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