Dispensaries Near the Denver Airport

Dispensaries Near the Denver Airport

Denver has a wide variety of dispensaries near the airport, Denver International Airport (DIA). This makes shopping for cannabis convenient for those traveling to and from the area.

For visitors, vacationers, and tourists who can’t wait to experience ‘legal’ cannabis (sometimes for the first time), they can’t get to a dispensary fast enough.
Luckily for them (and you), we’ve put together this helpful guide to give you a quick overview of all the OPERATIONAL dispensaries near the airport in Denver, Colorado.
By choosing a dispensary from this list, you’ll save yourself the trouble of driving around looking for one yourself only to find it’s been closed or moved. Things happen fast in the cannabis industry and we’ll try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible for you.

Life Flower Dispensary

Life Flower is a Recreational & Medical dispensary open until midnight every day. We are proud to have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as the highest quality organic cannabis flowers, concentrates and edibles! In our grow, we use amended soil and Natural-Organic components for our flower to provide our customers with optimal flavor, potency, and organic quality.

Location Information:

Address: 4966 Leetsdale Drive, Glendale, Colorado 80246, USA
Phone:  303-500-0928
Hours: Open 8:00 am – 12:00 am; 7 Days a Week
Website: https://lifeflowerdispensary.com/ 

Native Roots Cannabis

If you’re looking for dispensaries in Denver near the airport with an impressive selection of high-quality products, you’ll want to check out Native Roots Cannabis. While Native Roots has several locations, you can find the closest one to the airport at 7050 Tower Road.

The staff is friendly and you’ll find no shortage of cannabis products to pick from. If you just landed in Denver and you need something to help you unwind after the long flight, don’t hesitate to drop by Native Roots and browse their selection.

Location Information:

Address: 7050 Tower Rd, Denver, CO 80249, United States
Phone: 720-428-8990
Hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 am daily
Website: www.nativerootsdispensary.com

Golden Meds

Another great place to find high-quality cannabis products near the Denver airport is Golden Meds on Peoria Street. Here you can find a wondrous array of pre-rolled joints, concentrates, and consumables.

You can find this garden of goods half a mile north of the Peoria Street exit off I-70 or three miles north of the Colfax and Santa Fe intersection depending on which direction you’re coming from.

Location Information:

Address:970 Oneida Street, Denver, CO 80224, St #17
Phone: 720-386-4665
Hours: Open Every Day From 8:00 am -10:00 pm
Website: goldenmedscolorado.com



Lightshade is located on 40th Avenue which makes it a prime destination for folks looking for a top-notch dispensary near the airport. The atmosphere is clean and welcoming. The staff is pleasant and knowledgeable, if you aren’t quite sure exactly what you need, they can help you figure it out.

Here at Lightshade, they’re accustomed to catering to travelers. In other words, you don’t have to be a local to get good service.

Location Information:

Address:330 South Dayton Street, Denver, CO 80247, USA
Phone:  720-699-2690
Hours: Everyday 8:00 am – 9:45 pm
Website: lightshade.com/

The Herbal Center

If you consider yourself to be something of a connoisseur, you’ll love The Herbal Center! This isn’t a place to stop by on your way from the airport if you’re not picky about your smoke. This place curates world-class connoisseur-quality exotics.

While the casual customer might not readily appreciate just how incredible the variety here is, a true connoisseur will be delighted. It’s comforting to know that you can find such a rich variety of quality products while traveling. Although Denver has a strong reputation for well-stocked dispensaries, The Herbal Center is a cut above the rest. Try it out the next time you’re in town and put it to the test!

Location Information:

Address:12005 E 37th Ave, Denver, CO 80239, USA
Phone: 720-549-4372
Hours: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm daily
Website: https://theherbalcenter.store/

Green Dragon

It might not be Puff the Magic Dragon, but it’s the next best thing. When it comes to dispensaries near the airport, Green Dragon stands out. The interior is clean, comfortable, and has a pleasant atmosphere. If you’re looking for a place to kill time while stocking up on some smoke after flying into Denver, this is the place to do it.

Another advantage of shopping at Green Dragon is the fact that you can get a premium product for bargain prices. They really know their stuff here, they even offer a rewards program. The rewards program might not be worth bothering with if you’re only going to be in Denver once, but if you plan on coming back, it might be a good idea to sign up!

Location Information:

Address:930 W Byers Pl, Denver, CO 80223, USA
Phone:  (970) 480-0660
Hours: Open Every Day: 10:00 am – 9:45 pm
Website: greendragon.com/

Medicine Man

Medicine Man is a fantastic place to find an excellent product when arriving in Denver from the airport. Conveniently located on Havana Street, you’ll find that the quality is high and prices are low.

Founders, Andy and Pete Williams created Medicine Man with a commitment to quality. As soon as you walk into the place, you’ll be able to tell that they have done an outstanding job in that respect. All of the strains are locally sourced, everything comes from right here in Colorado.

Location Information:

Address:4750 Nome Street, Denver, CO 80239, USA
Phone:  303-373-0752
Hours: Monday – Sunday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Website: www.medicinemandenver.com

Pure Marijuana Dispensary

Located on E Colfax Ave, Pure Marijuana Dispensary lives up its name. When you’re looking for dispensaries in Denver near the airport, you’ll want to put this one on your list. This place is widely considered to be among the best dispensaries in the city of Denver which makes it a popular destination for travelers and locals alike.



Location Information:

Address:5702 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220
Phone: 303-733-9956
Hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm (Everyday)
Website: puremmj.com

Dispensaries Near the Denver Airport: Your Guide to Getting “Green” Faster

There you have it, a list of some of the best dispensaries near the airport in Denver, Colorado. Now that you know where to look, it’s time to make the trip and try them for yourself! One thing’s for certain, you won’t be disappointed!

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