Durban Strain Guide

Durban Strain Guide

What is the Durban Strain?

The Durban strain is a hybrid, heavily weighted to the Sativa side of the cannabis spectrum. In fact, at between 90% to 100%, it can often be a pure Sativa.

Durban originates from South Africa. You’ve got to be tough to survive in South Africa and the Durban strain certainly is, growing fast and high, making it a preferred repeat grow for farmers. The strain is commonly known as Durban poison which is kind of a big clue as to the kind of hit you can expect.

It’s strong but exhilarating for those who appreciate a potent but not overwhelming experience.

You know the saying; ‘one man’s poison …,’.

History Lesson: A Little Backstory On Durban Cannabis Strain

Genetically speaking, Durban is a Landrace cultivar originating in Southern Africa. The name comes from the port of Durban on South Africa’s warm pacific coast. The climate in the area makes for ideal growing conditions, although too hot for some species.

Proliferation began in the early 1970s and speedy growth in popularity led quickly to widespread availability in Europe and stateside. Given its South African (Afrikaans) birthing ground it is no surprise that the gateway to world markets was through Holland and the robust Amsterdam market.

It was in Amsterdam that it achieved its reputation as the ‘expresso’ of cannabis. More recent modifications have made Durban a hardy grower in tougher Northern climates as well as arid Southern hemisphere locations.

Characteristics of Durban

durbain posion

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THC  15% TO 24%

CBD   1%

The Durban strain is generally considered to be a tough and resilient plant. It is also fast growing with harvesting at roughly 10 weeks. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and can reach heights of between twelve to fifteen feet.

The Plant

Typically, the plant grows with wide Indica type leaves. As it matures though it begins to take on a more classic Sativa look with thinner leaves but in a much denser formation. The buds themselves are voluptuous and round. You will also notice a thick covering of milky-colored trichomes on the flowers themselves making it a very sticky plant. The buds have a silvery green complexion with peach or light brown tinted hairs. It is an easy growing strain and takes well to training and appropriate pruning.

Durban gives a good yield with expectations of around 16 ounces per plant.


The terpenes give off an earthy, musty type of smell. Many will also notice a hint of a liquorice or aniseed type aroma. It is particularly noticeable from the exhaled smoke which can be quite thick with a lingering sweetness. It is considered to be quite a unique aroma and not easily confused with any other strains. Stinky and overly piney have been words used by Durban’s few detractors.


Like its aroma, the flavor of Durban poison is also very distinctive. With the huge variety of strains available these days it’s almost comforting to have a classic, almost old-fashioned cannabis taste.

Having said that, Durban poison’s taste is described in various ways by its regular users. They agree though that it has, like its aroma, a pleasant, earthy yet sweet tang on the palate with a lemony or citrusy aftertaste. Others have described it as a clean, minty taste.

Durban Effects: What Will It Do for You?

This is one hit where you are going to know that you have been hit. Durban poison is unarguably strong but if you don’t overdo it, you’re going to be treated to a great buzz. The energizing effect of Durban makes it ideal for hanging out with friends, checking out the clubs or concerts, or simply living it up to the max at home on your own and listening to your tunes.

The effects are almost entirely cerebral with minimal reports of debilitating tiredness. You’ll be friendly, super-chatty (remember to let your friends get a word in occasionally), and confident in social settings.

And if you just want to chill, you’re pretty much guaranteed a wave of happiness and a state of supreme relaxation.

You can expect the effects to last between 2 and 3 hours.

Durban Strain Pro’s and Con’s

With marijuana, it’s all good, but certain strains are known for producing effects that may or may not be in alignment with your needs or goals. Below is a quick breakdown of the most commonly cited pros and cons by consumers around the world.

durban strain plant

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  • Users consistently report an increase in their energy levels.
  • Mood enhancing. The most common reaction to the right level of usage is a pleasant sense of happiness stopping short of a feeling of euphoria (and therefore potentially avoiding the ‘downer’.
  • Spiritual upliftment. Users also report a sense of inner peace and a sense of fulfillment.
  • With energy, feel-good, and a boost in confidence, there’s a good chance you’ll get to be the life and soul of the party.
  • The consensus is that Durban poison is a great strain for calming people down and reducing stress and anxiety and alleviating depression. It may also help combat fatigue and lessen the pain of headaches.


  • There’s sometimes just too much of a good thing. Some people (a fairly low percentage) reported feelings of anxiety after use.
  • Some users reported irritating dry eyes and/or a dry mouth after use, but that is quite a common complaint about most cannabis strains.
  • While many people report that Durban poison alleviates headache pain there are also quite a few who say that it causes headaches.
  • Although considered by many to be an appetite suppressant, others report feeling ravenous after even a gentle session.

Durban Strain: The Verdict

Well, everyone’s going to have a slightly different experience, but Durban poison is a must-try. It’s a classic old-school weed that won’t let you down and will give you a high. Whether you are looking for a thrill or just a great chill it’s your poison. Just remember though, it is a potent strain.