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Budtenders at Smokey’s 420 are continuously trained with the most recent information available based on real studies and science regarding product’s THC content. It’s how many cannabis consumers decide which product to buy. Why wouldn’t you choose the strain with the highest amount of THC? Isn’t that more bang for your buck? If this is the logic you’ve been using, keep in mind that THC content is only one indicator of how a strain or product will make you feel. Choosing your weed based solely on this factor is often compared to going to a liquor store with the mission of selecting the booze with the highest alcohol content. There’s a reason no one does this; there’s far more to enjoy a good drink than how much alcohol it contains. Just as a sommelier will pick their wine based on a myriad of factors, true cannabis connoisseurs will pay attention to the entire makeup of the product, not just a single element. A major influence on how strong and how unique a high will feel is based on the presence and concentration of certain terpenes. ​

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  1. Isaiah Guerrero
    Isaiah Guerrero

    On 09/10/23 I went to smoky and bought a 1000mg white cherry colors cartridge and as I went to open the pen it felt a little different and as I peeled back the sticker it was a different cartridge it was a strawberry lemonade flavored false advertised as a white cherry and as I went back to fix the situation the workers immediately got hostile and said that nothing came be done that they had nothing to do with it and the older lady got really hostile and said I was disrespectful and said she had sons older than me and accused me of putting the fake sticker on the pen and as I was talking to the guy at the counter he also peeled a sticker back on an unopened cartridge and it was also fake and as the lady came from the back she was yelling that her boss said leave or they were going to call the cops on me and as I was leaving I said I wold be putting this on the website she started cussing me out calling me a little shit!!!she was very rude and threatening and I don’t think I’ll will be shopping there again it was also my very first time shopping there to so it was a very poor experience!!!

    September 10, 2023 at 7:13 pm

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