6 Best Things to do In Denver When You’re Stoned

Things to do in Denver Stoned

People love marijuana. They love the way it smells, tastes, and feels. But what are some things to do in Denver? In Colorado, there is almost an infinite list of activates to experience. Even if you are not stoned, these could be enjoyable but why not heighten you senses, open your eyes and see what true beauty Colorado has to offer combined with its marijuana legalization.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red rocks has been the signature music and event center of Colorado, in fact the whole country, for ages. It has been crowned with awards ever since its creation and will continue to be one of the best venues in the world. Seeing a live music act at Red Rocks is something everyone should have on their bucket list. You are as close to the clouds as you will ever be so why not take it a bit higher? Its natural aura and beautiful overlook of Denver, Colorado drives the senses wild when combined with a bit of THC running through your veins. Red Rocks hosts a variety of different events such as free movie nights, concerts, hiking and great sightseeing. Smoke a bowl before you go and you will be sure to have your mind blown!  Absolutely one of the best events in Denver.

420 Festival

If there was ever a breeding ground for marijuana culture, Denver is that place. April 20th, (4/20) in Colorado is an infamous holiday that takes place right in the city center and in Boulder, Colorado. People of all kinds come together to experience marijuana culture and take a moment to relish their accomplishments on the legalization front. Combined with great buds and amazing food, the 420 event is something that all stoners and even causal marijuana users should partake in to see just how large the marijuana community really is.

16th Street Mall

Although smoking marijuana in public is against the law, there is nothing to say that you can’t enjoy the city while flying sky high. 16th street mall is in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado and offers fantastic shopping, lights, and culture. The people of Denver are truly unique and this stretch of road is the pinnacle of the Colorado experience. The mall is easily accessible from all regions around Colorado by bus, light rail, and car and considered another of the best things to do in Denver. There are also several medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries along the way! To see why Denver is a step above the rest, you must have the 16th street experience.

 Pearl Street Mall 

This stretch of road is very similar to 16th street yet it is in a very different place. Nestled right up against the beautiful rocky mountains, Pearl Street is Boulder, Colorado’s greatest mountain shopping and dining experience. The people are very familiar with marijuana culture and love to welcome visitors from across the world to try the finest marijuana products available. Hospitality in Boulder, Colorado is second to none and if you are looking for a great tour of marijuana culture, this is the place to be!

Taste of Colorado

It is no secret that stoners love food and the taste of Colorado is the best place to fill your pallet! Featuring food from all over the Denver area, there is no better way to experience the taste than with a little marijuana buzz. Smoking or eating some marijuana will be sure to initiate an appropriate appetite and keep you wanting more for hours. This annual event is held right next to Colorado’s state capitol and is a great event shared by tourists and locals all the same. The Taste is arguably one of the best events in Denver for a smoker. It would not be surprising to start seeing marijuana edible booths signing up for the event in the near future.

Colorado Renaissance Festival 

Swords, beer and medieval cuisine is what this part of Colorado is all about. Smoking a bit of marijuana before going is sure to give your senses a complete overhaul on what is happening in modern society. The atmosphere is friendly and the people are there to entertain. Smoking a bit of weed might even coax you to dress up yourself! The event is usually held in the summer just outside of Denver, Colorado and is sure to bring great times to the whole family, young and old!

Colorado is the breeding ground of what stereotypical marijuana culture has become. Friendly people, great food, amazing sights and fantastic marijuana are all things that draw people to this great state from all corners of the world. A state that once offered everything now offers even more. This is just the beginning of fun, engaging and exciting activates to do in Colorado especially with a bit of marijuana on your side. There is no better place to experience marijuana culture than Colorado because the whole state embodies what it is meant to be; kind, friendly, unique, genuine and interesting. These are all qualities that make Colorado a step above the rest country and may I be so bold as to say the world. Marijuana and its following have made a home here, and in Colorado it shall stay!


You knew it was coming, the text in this article is informational only and not intended to be legal or medical advice or recommendations in any way. Use this information as you will with your own discretion.

The bottom line is be safe, follow the rules, and enjoy some Mary Jane while you are in the Bicentennial State for your Rocky Mountain High!

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    The recreational dispensarys are treated like a liquor store. Open to the public. 21+ bring id. Your good to go.

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