Wedding Cake Strain — A History of the Strain, Effects, and Characteristics

Wedding Cake Strain — A History of the Strain, Effects, and Characteristics

The Wedding Cake strain, also known as Pink Cookies, is a rare strain of cannabis with an interesting background. One fascinating note about this particular strain is that it has a different phenotype from its parent strain. Of course, this doesn’t sound like an intriguing fact at first glance, but because this strain of cannabis is a different phenotype from its parent strain, the seeds can be used to crossbreed with other strains of cannabis. From there, random phenotypes grow into batches of new (and innovative) marijuana strains.

The unpredictability of those seeds is exactly why we have a strain of cannabis called Wedding Cake! Cool right?

This particular strain of cannabis originated in LA and was developed by Seed Junky Genetics. The name Wedding Cake stems from its vanilla frosting aroma as well as its fluffy buds, pink and purple hues, and sparkling resin appearance.

In 2018, the SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup graced Wedding Cake the winning award for best hybrid flower, and has won many awards since then!

What Are the Characteristics of the Wedding Cake Strain?

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What Does the Wedding Cake Strain Look Like?   

It might not have sprinkles or frosting, but Wedding Cake does have luscious fluffy buds with sprouts of big, colorful flowers. Visually, Wedding Cake has a pinkish-purple hue with orange threads making it one of the prettier strains to gawk over with your camera. The nuggets are shaped like a teardrop and those teardrops have trichomes, or small hairs, sticking out all around. These trichomes are what give this strain its high content of THC as well as an incredibly sticky consistency. A highly sought after feature.

What Does the Wedding Cake Strain Smell Like?

The aroma of Wedding Cake is exactly what you’d think it would be; super sweet with a sugary, vanilla frosting scent. Some people describe the aroma as more of a sugar cookie inspired scent, but either way, you can almost taste the vanilla when you take a whiff off this strain.

Those who appreciate the aroma of cannabis will also notice a bit of a lemon scent as well as pine. The smell of this strain would make for a great candle or incense scent!

What Does the Wedding Cake Strain Taste Like?

Wedding Cake is noted for having a tangy flavor which, in comparison to its aroma, is a bit ironic in nature. It may smell like a sweet and rich vanilla dessert, but the flavor you get originates from the lemon-like aroma, thereby giving its overall taste a surprisingly sour and earthy flavor.

What Strain Is Wedding Cake?

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Wedding Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. Hybrids are known for combining the unique characteristics of both Sativa and Indica into a perfectly melded harmonious experience for the user.

Speculation about the exact origin of the strain adds to its allure, with its official lineage still up for debate. That said, it is generally believed that the strain is a unique cross between the Indica-dominant hybrid known as Cherry Pie crossed with the world-renowned award-winning G.S.C. (OG Kush x Durban Poison) also known in many circles as Girl Scout Cookies.

But according to Ibeezy of Seed Junky Genetics, despite this belief, genetic research confirms that the strain is, in fact, a unique phenotype of the Triangle Mints T strain.

What Kind of High Should You Expect?

If you’re not a particularly patient person, then the Wedding Cake strain is a great choice as it is one of the fastest reacting strains in the cannabis world. In other words, you don’t have to wait very long for this strain to kick in.

Wedding Cake’s high fundamentally starts in your head. Kicking in with its Sativa side, you may notice that your thoughts seem more intense and fast-paced. Users also tend to get hyper-aware of their physical surroundings. This strain is best enjoyed in a comfortable environment where your thoughts essentially transform into a euphoric, trance-like feeling once it’s indica side is embraced.

Once the indica terpenes take over, you will feel a delightful tingle of warmth and heaviness that slowly spreads throughout your entire body, almost as if you were in some sort of calm sedation. The mixture of the mind and body high is what attracts people to this particular strain of cannabis.

What Are the Most Notable Effects of the Wedding Cake strain?

The most illustrious thing about this strain is that, because of its unique mixture of terpenes and execution, Wedding Cake can assist those who struggle mentally as well as physically.

Most Notable Positive Effects

  • Helps with depression and anxiety
  • Acts as a sleeping aid for insomnia
  • Helps to ease pain caused by arthritis and nerve damage
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reverses suppressed appetites
  • Helps with nausea
  • Motivation for activities such as art or exercise
  • Enhances passion, emotion, and intimacy

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Potentially Noted Negative Effects

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Hunger

Overall Effects

  • Calm, relaxation, euphoric
  • Uplifted moods
  • Increased sense of taste

What Terpenes Are in Wedding Cake?

As mentioned before, Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid of cannabis made up of 60% indica and 40% sativa. The main terpenes in Wedding Cake are myrcene (40%), caryophyllene (25.6%), and Linalool (9.2%).

How Strong Is Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake is considered a quite potent strain and as such is generally not recommended for beginners. It has a high THC level of about 25%.

What Does the Future Hold for Wedding Cake?

If you enjoy Wedding Cake, chances are this strain will lead to the development of even more hybrids. Even more, you say? That’s right! Wedding Cake has already yielded some interesting and highly rated hybrid strains.

For example, the acclaimed Jungle Cake is a cross between the potent Indica White Fire #43 and yours truly (Wedding Cake).

Stay tuned as there is certain to be even more strains that pop up from this wonderfully unique plant. And as always, if you have any questions, reach out to a budtender at one of our preferred partners for help.

You knew it was coming, the text in this article is informational only and not intended to be legal or medical advice or recommendations in any way. Use this information as you will with your own discretion. The bottom line is – be safe, follow the rules, and enjoy some Mary Jane while you are in the Bicentennial State for your Rocky Mountain High!