Marijuana and Cannabis Affiliate Programs and Resources [2021 Edition]

Marijuana and Cannabis Affiliate Programs and Resources [2021 Edition]

How You Can Cash in on this BOOMING Cash Crop of Cannabis Affiliate Programs (The Legal Way)

Cannabis has gone from street corner to corner shop, with legalization, decriminalization, and an entire supporting industry of manufacturers, farmers, and even beauty supply companies getting in on the action offering cannabis affiliate programs.

With so much money on the table, many savvy marketers like yourself are left wondering how you too can cash in without breaking any laws.

As with any booming market, there are a growing number of programs out there for marketers to tap into, the most lucrative of which might just be cannabis affiliate programs.

In this guide, we’re going to cover the industry’s leading affiliate programs, networks, and resources.

So sit back, light up, and get ready to take notes…

Are You Ready to Make Money from a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry?

First up, let’s address the hype and why affiliate programs for cannabis are so hot right now.

Simply put, the cannabis industry is EXPLODING with no signs of slowing down.

  • The estimated value of medical marijuana by 2025 = $100.03 BILLION
  • The estimated value of the global marijuana market by 2025 = $146.4 BILLION
  • Average cart value per purchase = $49-$136
  • The average cost of high-quality cannabis in the USA = $320
  • Number of cannabis users in the USA = 55 million and growing

A Growing List of Affiliate Programs and Ad Networks Tailoring Offers to Cannabis

In case you’re new to the marketing racket, affiliate programs allow anyone who qualifies to market and advertise the products another company offers. If a consumer makes a purchase as a result of that marketing, the marketer (affiliate) gets paid a commission (referral fee).

What makes affiliate marketing so lucrative is that there is no business to manage, no inventory to buy, no customer service to attend to, and no overhead. Affiliates need only focus on promoting the products they represent, and with each sale, get PAID.

Affiliate Networks Connect Advertisers with Affiliates

In other words, an affiliate network brings together advertisers (also known as ‘merchants’ in the affiliate world) with affiliates (known as marketers or publishers).

These advertisers host offers on affiliate networks that offer a referral fee (commission) for any approved affiliate who generates a sale of that offer using pre-approved marketing methods.

Now that the nuts and bolts are covered, let’s take a look at,


someone holding a fan of money

*In no particular order

  1. ShareASale Advertising Network 

One of the oldest and most well-respected affiliate networks, ShareASale has recently begun approving more cannabis-related offers on its network.

Top Cannabis-Related Affiliate Programs on the Network Include:

Avid Hemp

With payouts upwards of 30% on their impressive lineup of CBD vape carts, CBD oil, topicals, gummies, and more, this merchant is worth checking out. For those interested, the merchant also has wholesale offers and makes available a data feed for promotion.

CBD Dog Health

Have a soft spot for puppers, or have experience marketing to pet owners? One of the standout features that make this merchant’s offers so attractive is a generous 60-day cookie and top-notch landing pages designed to convert. Although only offering 10% in commission, those who push volume can often negotiate better rates once a relationship is established.

Diamond CBD

What makes this merchant’s offers stand out is a massive product catalog (1000+ SKUs) chock full of celebrity-endorsed brands ranging from Lawrence Taylor to the ever-infamous Tommy Chong. With a 2-tier commission structure starting at 20%, this merchant is worth checking out.


EveryoneDoesIt…but should you? Touting itself as a global ‘1-stop shop’ for all things related to smoking, this virtual headshop offers a broad range of products from bongs to vaporizers and accessories. We find the data feed useful for promotion and various applications, while the 10% commission rate is decent for what are more traditional eComm products.


GreenGoddessSupply is an interesting addition to ShareASale’s merchant network. Not only do they offer a robust lineup of merchandise from vales and glassware to grinders, accessories, and gift bundles…they also offer a generous 10-18% commission. A standout feature of this merchant is an ‘in-house’ page builder, enabling affiliates to quickly set up ‘mini-shops’ of their own.

  1. CannAffiliate Network 

As the name suggests, this affiliate network specializes in cannabis-related products, and at the time of writing, is the only network to include offers for local dispensaries in its lineup.

Another standout feature is the ability to seamlessly integrate with over seven of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

Top Cannabis-Related Affiliate Programs on the Network Include:

*Due to the localized nature of where individual dispensaries are allowed to sell and deliver to, we won’t list individual dispensary offers here.

Crescent Canna 

Committed to quality and transparency, Crescent Canna is a leading producer of USA-grown, organic, CBD isolate drops. Recently the company has expanded its product line to offer topicals and flavored CBD for pets. At a commission rate of 30%, and high customer satisfaction ratings, this merchant is one we’re keeping an eye on.

Dr. Dabber

When it comes to high-end vaporizers, few brands are as notable as Dr. Dabber. Affiliates can cash in on this brand notoriety and high-end vapes, earning 10% commission on each sale.

  1. CBDAffs Affiliate Network 

Boasting over 50 offers (including international stores), CBDAffs is solely focused on the promotion of CBD products. Notable merchants on the network include none other than Tommy Chong’s Gummies, Kat’s Naturals, JustCBD, and many more. Commissions are tiered, starting at 5% and backed by a claim that if you find a better offer, they’ll beat it.

  1. CJ Affiliate Network

As one of the largest affiliate networks in the world, driving over 157 million transactions and over 14 billion in sales revenue, we’d be doing you a disservice if we failed to include this network.

Although known for staying away from ‘risky’ offers, CJ has since loosened the reigns on CBD, adding more than a few dozen merchants promoting everything from CBD gummies to lotions and bath bombs.

Top Cannabis-Related Affiliate Programs on the Network Include:

AirVape USA

Capitalize on AirVape’s innovative, elegant, and technology forward vaping products. Sporting an unconventional and attractive design, coupled with advanced ‘smart’ features, affiliates should have no problem cashing in on the generous 15% commission on sales. For affiliates seeking greater control, AirVape USA also offers wholesale and drop shipping programs.


A leader in the CBD space, since its recent entrance to the industry (2017) JustCBD has demonstrated its prowess and dedication to quality and customer experience. Offering a robust assortment of CBD products and a solid 18% commission rate, affiliates would be wise to consider adding this merchant to their campaigns.

  1. Impact Affiliate Network

An industry titan, and one of the oldest and most well-respected affiliate networks, Impact certainly didn’t jump the gun with adding cannabis-related offers to its platform. Recently, however, we’ve seen the platform add a growing number of cannabis accessories and CBD merchants for its extensive list of affiliates to promote.

Daily High Club 

Interested in a recurring income? So are we. And that’s what makes Daily High Club an attractive merchant, offering subscription boxes for cannabis enthusiasts. With available deep-linking, a steady flow of promo codes, and a 7% payout structure, this merchant is worth looking into.

A massive merchant with a huge selection of products to promote. Standout features include deep links, publisher support tools, and a robust API data feed.

  1. Clickbank Affiliate Network

An old-school network primarily associated with informational products, ClickBank has stood the test of time, and despite some outdated offers on the platform, new cannabis-related info products have emerged that are worth noting.

The great thing about info products on this network is that commission rates can be as high as 70-90% for some products.

Royal CBD

Bucking the trend on Clickbank, Royal CBD offers an actual topical CBD lotion tailored towards the athletic and fitness community.

Cannabis Coach

An audio-based program aimed at an audience trying to quit smoking marijuana. Backed by a 100% risk-free guarantee, this program boasts the ability to help habitual uses of marijuana to kick the drug to the curb for good.

Growing Equipment and Accessory Resources 

The miners weren’t the only ones getting rich during the infamous “Gold Rush”. Every shovel salesman made BANK, all without getting their hands dirty.

Affiliates are similar, marketing products they don’t have to produce, manage or even see in person. Capitalize on the growing cannabis industry by providing others with the tools, resources, equipment, and accessories they need to be successful.

The Bud Grower Grow Kits

With grow kits perfect for virtually any skill level, ranging from aspiring newbies to seasoned home growers, The Bud Grower has everything an at-home green-thumbed marijuana lover could ask for. But what makes this company so attractive is its high media profile, solid brand recognition, high conversion rates, and generous 11.5% commission.

*Managed on Shareasale.

Super Closet Growing Equipment 

Featuring high-end grow systems and DFY kits with state-of-the-art LED lighting, Super Closet has some really nice offers and payouts. With large cart sizes, commission rates average around $200 per sale, at a 10% referral fee. Add to that deep linking and a robust data feed and you have a solid option for promoting grow equipment.

*Managed on Shareasale

Grow Kits by A Pot for Pot

Mirco grow kits to make at home growing not only accessible, but affordable for everyone wanting to get in on this fun, rewarding, and in some cases profitable hobby.

Notable features include a lengthy 90-day cookie, 15% commission rates, deep linking, and a free eBook on ‘how to grow marijuana like a houseplant’.

*Affiliate program managed in-house

GrowAce Affiliate Program & Wholesale

Not only does GrowAce have a solid range of the usual suspects (nutrients, full kits, grow lights, and tents), they also carry some of the harder to find items growers need such as cloning kits, trimming machines, and Rosin presses.

The program is run by Refersion (not the greatest network if we’re being honest), but it does offer 30-day cookies and a 10% commission rate.

Cannabis Education and Courses

Not only do prospective growers need the right tools and equipment to get things started, but they also need to learn HOW to cultivate their plants. This presents an opportunity for you to connect them with training and educational systems that will teach them everything from basics to advanced concepts, helping them hit the ground running and increasing their chances of success.

THC University Affiliate Program

With courses ranging from introductory to advanced cultivation, and certifications at every level, THC University is quickly becoming one of the leading schools for learning about cannabis online. The company offers $25 per signup, with a 30-day cookie and monthly payouts.

*Affiliate program is managed in-house

GreenCultureED Online Cannabis Certifications and Courses

Founded in 2012, Green CulturED offers a range of cannabis-related training courses and certifications online. A standout feature making this affiliate program so attractive is a phenomenal 60% commission rate on the majority of their courses.

*Called an “Ambassador Program”, their affiliate program is managed in-house

Growing Elite Marijuana Affiliate Program

Located at (not exactly original), this site offers a membership portal, eBooks, and courses on growing marijuana. The commission per sale averages around $30, at a rate of 57%. Other notable features are NET30 terms and a substantial library of marketing materials.

Seed Affiliate Programs 

ILGM Seed Affiliate Program

ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) is a leading provider of top-tier feminized, auto-flowering hemp seeds. Serving the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, this merchant offers lengthy 90-day cookies, 20% commission on sales, generous 25% second-tier commissions on downline sales, and deep links.

Seedsman Cannabis Seeds Affiliate Program

Under the umbrella of this program are multiple sites and brands offering CBD, seeds, and wholesale and B2B programs. Noted as one of the higher converting programs, Seedsman offers a solid 15% commission, 60-day cookie length, and a 5% payout for referred affiliate sales (downstream/tier 2 referrals).

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

A massive seed bank, ‘The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store’ gives unparalleled access to a vast number of breeders from around the world. Earn 10% on both direct referrals and 2nd tier sales from your downline.

Crop King Seeds Affiliate Program 

Crop King Seeds is a leading Canadian-based company with a notable variety of dwarf and pre-fem-auto seeds on hand. The pay per sale is pretty solid, coming in at 20% on direct referrals and 5% on any sub-affiliates you sign up, but we don’t have a lot of data on conversion rates so you may want to test things out before diving in headfirst.

Online Dispensary and Cannabis Delivery Affiliate Programs 

With the expansion of legalization, online cannabis purchases are now becoming more readily available without side skirting the law. If you can narrow your marketing to localized cities, counties, or states where such sales are permissible, these programs can be an absolute goldmine.

Eaze Weed Delivery 

This USA only program features offers for dispensaries licensed to deliver throughout the state of California. Paying $25 per sale, the affiliate program is managed on Impact Radius.


Exclusively serving Canada, Cannabismo is the country’s ONLY licensed online dispensary. Consumers don’t have much choice up there, but they do appreciate the large selection of products, free shipping, and customer rewards program.

Speed Greens                              

Another Canada exclusive, this shop offers deep discounts on high-end extracts and flower, paying 10% on each sale through an ‘in-house’ managed affiliate program.

MMJ Cards and Services 

Although options in this category are limited, keep an eye out in this space. With the growing legalization and use of ‘Tele-medicine’, it is only a matter of time before virtual doctor visits are all that’s required to issue medical marijuana cards in the US and Canada alike.

Dr. Weedy Affiliate Program 

Offering MMJ medical cards for both California and New York. Commission rate: 10%. Use caution as tracking seems to be a lacking feature of this program. We’re confident others will enter the space soon.

Headshops and Smoking Accessories


Person smoking marijuana from a blown glass pipe Tiered Referral Program 

A well-known online headshop, GrassCity has a large selection of everything a cannabis enthusiast could want. From bubblers and bongs to vaporizers and rolling papers, this one-stop-shop carries it all.

The program offers a 10% referral fee and tiered commissions, as well as 5% on any sub-affiliate sales.

CBD and Health Products

Savage CBD Affiliate Program

Scoop up 35% commission on the sale of CBD oils, carts, lotions, edibles, and vaping accessories. With a 90-day cookie, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to cash in with campaigns.

CBD Pure Tiered Affiliate Program

What makes this program great is a whopping 40% commission rate, plus 5% on any sub-affiliates referred to the program. Items available to promote include pure CBD oil, CBD spray, and CBD for pets.

CBD Dog Health

Millions of regular CBD users are now finding out their pets too can benefit from the same health properties of this supplement. CBD Dog Health specializes in CBD for dogs, offering a lengthy 60-day cookie, and a 10% commission rate. The program is hosted on Shareasale, a leading affiliate network.

NotPot CBD Supplements

Offering unique CBD bath bombs, glow oils, CBD oil for pets, relaxing CBD soaks and CBD gummies, this brand’s style, and designs are highly appealing to GenX and millennials as well as those looking for all Vegan CBD supplements.

The Program is managed by Shareasale and offers a 30-day cookie and 20% commission on NET sales.

Kraken Kratom Affiliate Program

Kratom has exploded in popularity, with an estimated 10-15 million regular users in the USA alone, presenting an incredible opportunity for savvy affiliate marketers to get in and establish themselves early. Kraken Kratom is a recognized brand in the industry, offering a full selection of extracts, powders, and capsules.

The affiliate program offers 30% per sale on the initial order and 25% on recurring/repeat sales.

Drug Testing Affiliate Programs

Both a common need as well as a concern for many who use CBD and cannabis products is drug testing. This makes these programs both a great standalone offer or an interesting cross-sell.

Mediplex United

Mediplex United offers a wide range of ‘at home’ drug testing kits for virtually any scenario you can dream up. Managed by Shareasale, this program pays 16% on every sale with a lengthy 90-day cookie.

Advertising Disclosure: We drink our own Kool-aid here. This means that we too are affiliates, and use this first-hand knowledge to help you be more successful. It also means that if you make a purchase or sign up through the links on this page, we may earn a commission.