Gelato Strain Review (AKA Larry Bird)—Everything You Need to Know About This Highly Acclaimed Strain of Cannabis

Gelato Strain Review (AKA Larry Bird)—Everything You Need to Know About This Highly Acclaimed Strain of Cannabis

A Brief History of Gelato 

The Gelato Strain happens to be one of the most potent strains of cannabis on the market today. Originating in California, the strain was bred by Cookie Fam Genetics.

To get the Gelato we all know and love today, Cookie Fam Genetics crossed Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbert. The result: Gelato!

Since its introduction to the cannabis community, the strain has earned a remarkable reputation and following, having become so popular that it even has its own nickname; Larry Bird.

For those who aren’t familiar, Larry Bird was a professional basketball player with the jersey number 33. Since Gelato’s phenotype number is 33, the nickname references the legendary basketball player named Larry Bird!

Fun Plot Twist

Larry Bird admits he has never indulged in the use of cannabis! But we don’t think he minds users having a little fun with his jersey number.

What Are the Characteristics of Gelato?

If you’ve never had Gelato, you likely have some basic questions about why this strain gets so much hype, and what you can expect.

What Does the Gelato Strain Look Like?

The Gelato Strain in notably identifiable by it’s deep, dark green buds that are both dense and tightly packed. Gelato happens to be one of the more pleasing strains to look at, with its forest green foundation offering up an impressive array of vibrant orange trichomes complemented by deep purple hues. Gelato also has a thick, sticky coating of resin droplets, which gives this strain its high level of THC.

What Does the Gelato Strain Smell Like?

As the name so accurately suggests, Gelato takes after its namesake, offering up an aroma of fruity notes reminiscent of gelato!

In other words, this strain has a notably fruity and sweet aroma that is primarily made up of berries and citrus. It also gives off back notes an earthy, lavender inspired undertone. More specifically, this strain is sometimes referred to as Mango Gelato due to its unique mixture of terpenes that happen to give off a mango-like scent.

What Does Gelato Cannabis Taste Like?

Unlike many strains of cannabis, the taste of Gelato reflects its aroma on the exhale and is commonly compared to a refreshing bowl of citrus and sweet berry-infused sherbet. On the inhale, you will notice a smooth, earthy burst of flavor in the form of lavender and flowers.

As you can imagine, the flavor profile of Gelato is a major selling point for consumers and is one that has made this strain a regular in the rotation of many users within the industry.

What Strain of Cannabis Is Gelato?

Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid that is made up of 55% indica and 45% sativa. Hybrids meld the best of both indica and sativa to create a truly unique experience for the user.

What Kind of High Should You Expect?

The great thing about Gelato is that it won’t leave you feeling down when your high starts to fade or wear off. This is perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of this hybrid strain. It provides a strong, yet consistent head and body feel along the way, tapering down to a nice mellow after-effect that helps to stabilize your mood.

As long as you grab a bottle of water to take along for the ride, you’ll likely have a great experience worth repeating regularly. But be warned, the high levels of THC hit hard and fast, which means it doesn’t take long for the flood of euphoric sedation to set in. Although this isn’t a couch-gluing indica, it is an indica-heavy hybrid, meaning you won’t exactly be doing jumping jacks after taking a hit.

Fans of Gelato often find themselves in an intense creative bubble, which is always welcome in the world of cannabis! For those who suffer from ADHD or issues with attention spans, you may discover that you are, in fact, capable of focusing on a task and possibly even finishing the project!

The high promotes a sense of tingling relaxation, increased positive attitudes, and euphoric creative motivation!

What Are the Most Notable Effects of Gelato?

Common Positive Effects from Gelato 

  • Helps with depression and ADHD
  • Helps to ease anxiety
  • Helps with nausea and loss of appetite
  • Promoted mental and physical relaxation
  • Helps to ease muscle spasms
  • Decreases inflammation, cramping, and migraines
  • Eases chronic pain

Asian young Woman has a Migraine and headache after wake up in the morning

Possible Negative Effects

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Possible dizziness

Overall Effects

  • Enhanced creativity
  • Sedation
  • Euphoric feeling
  • Intense focus
  • Increased mood and energy

What Terpenes Are in Gelato?

Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid consisting mostly of beta-caryophyllene (24%) and limonene (21%). Myrcene and linalool are also involved in creating this sweet, wonderful cannabis strain. These terpenes are largely responsible for the robust aroma and flavor profile of this strain.

How Strong Is Gelato?

Gelato has, on average, a THC level of about 23%. As such, it is quite potent and not generally recommended for novice users.

Final Thoughts About Gelato

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of indulging, Gelato is a strain we feel that everyone should try at least once. The creeping body buzz, and gentle relaxation and calming effects, coupled with the balance of sativa make gelato a fan-favorite among many circles. From recreation to medicinal, this strain is both capable and enjoyable for a wide range of uses.

Again, given its strength, we always recommend taking it slow your first time, and ideally having a friend on hand to help in case you overdo it. Remember, being high is fun, being too high is not.

You knew it was coming, the text in this article is informational only and not intended to be legal or medical advice or recommendations in any way. Use this information as you will with your own discretion. The bottom line is – be safe, follow the rules, and enjoy some Mary Jane while you are in the Bicentennial State for your Rocky Mountain High!