THE DANDELION – A Boulder Dispensary

Nestled downtown next to the scenic Flatirons and the beautiful red rooftops on the University of Colorado’s campus is the best Boulder medical marijuana dispensary, The Dandelion. Our medical marijuana dispensary is located right off of Pearl Street, where natives and tourists love to go for shopping, food, and drinks. To match the culture and atmosphere of one of Colorado’s most unique cities, this Native Roots medical-only store has kept its original name, location, and charm.

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  1. Ashley Sabartinelli
    Ashley Sabartinelli

    Absolutly abysmal in every way. The smoke here is sub par, constantly getting tons of stems and seeds, the staff is uncaring and rude af. It’s cheap for a reason. (Also dont bother asking for thier flagship strain “Glass Apple” as its NEVER in stock and the employees stare at you blankley when you ask about it even though the walls are covered in posters of the strain winning awards)You ask for reccomendations and they stare blankly at you and act like they absolutely hate their job. If you say anything they claim they will send you a coupon or something and they never do and if you get something on a deal they will argue with you on why the REPLACEMENT FOR THEIR MESS UP should be replaced and not charged at full price. They dont do anything about miserable employees who give them a bad name (micheal) I’ve been a medical patient with Native Roots for 10 years and the quality and staff has greatly diminished and they don’t care to make it better. Save your money and go to Magnolia Road instead as this place gives all industry workers a terrible name. Places like this are killing the med industry that built them

    March 4, 2023 at 11:01 am

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