How to Make Cannabis Oil at Home

Making cannabis oil at home is easy. All you need is patience, the right ingredients, a little know-how, and, of course, a way to make it.

Cannabis oil, sometimes called canna oil or cannabutter, is a highly versatile way to incorporate cannabis into your meals. From delicious desserts to scrumptious meals or a divine appetizer, cannabis oil has virtually limitless uses in and out of the kitchen.

Yet many individuals have questions about how to make cannabis oil at home, the benefits of making cannabis oil at home, and what to expect.

In this guide we discuss how to make cannabis oil at home–THE EASY WAY.

We’ll cover everything you need to know to make pure, potent, and ALL NATURAL cannabis oil that you’ll love to use AND share with others (just get their consent first…getting high is fun, getting high accidentally is not).

Making Cannabis Oil at Home–A Brief Introduction

When it comes to making cannabis oil at home, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around. Recipes and methods abound, but often with lackluster results, leaving many ‘would be’ canna chefs and DIYers feeling deflated.

This guide is meant to cut through the nonsense and help you find a way to make cannabis oil that is fast, easy and reliable.

Why Make Cannabis Oil in the First Place?

One word: edibles.

Edibles are a fun and enjoyable way to enjoy cannabis. But you can’t just add in cannabis to your food or drink. Cannabis must go through a process called decarboxylation in order for THCA and other cannabinoids to be converted into their respective biologically active forms.

THCA may have some benefits in its own right, but it is NOT psychoactive, and won’t produce the euphoria or ‘high’ that many consumers seek out. When decarboxylated, however, THCA transforms to the THC we all know and love.

Part of the process of making cannabis oil (perhaps the most important part) is efficient and effective decarboxylation of your cannabis.

Because of this, there are a few more steps involved when making cannabis oil at home. The good news is that the LEVO and LEVO II make this process a breeze.

Why Make Cannabis Oil At Home vs Buying it Pre-Made?

cannabis oil in a bottle with dropper and and cannabis leaf


When making cannabis oil at home with the LEVO herbal infuser, you know EXACTLY what is in your canna oil, and what isn’t. You can use organic, pesticide-free ingredients and can rest easy knowing that your oil is as pure as it is potent, using ZERO harsh chemicals, solvents, or other additives.


Speaking of potency, cannabis oil can vary WILDLY in potency. The temperature used in decarboxylation, how long the decarb process is, the strain used, infusion time, and more can all impact the potency of the oil. Making it at home allows you to test and experiment, finding the perfect recipes for different uses, moods or goals.


We all know edibles are EXPENSIVE. This is one of the biggest attractions of making canna-oil at home. By making your own cannabis oil, you can make edibles on the cheap, and in bulk, right from the comfort of your own home.

Experimentation and Variety

Making your own cannabis oil is fun, but so is having the ability to experiment with a virtually endless treasure trove of recipes for snacks, drinks, desserts, side and even main dishes that incorporate cannabis into the meal.

The LEVO Machine: Cannabis Oil Made Easy

Think of the LEVO like a coffee maker (it actually kind of looks like a high-tech one). But instead of making coffee, this prized kitchen appliance transforms butter, oils, and other liquids into delectable herb-infused masterpieces.

With the tap of a few buttons, this machine will infuse everything from butter and oils to syrups, milk, and honey.

With these infusions, you can whip up your favorite brownies, cookies, homemade gummies, and even skincare products like lotions. The possibilities are endless.

How Do I Make Cannabis Oil at Home Using the LEVO?

Have you ever tried to make edibles before? Or perhaps heard from a friend what a pain in the a$$ it can be? Well, the LEVO is like having an ‘easy’ button for making some of the best edible you’ve ever had.

LEVO’s patented technology is focused on simplicity, intuitiveness, and ease of use, turning what would otherwise be difficult, messy, or tedious tasks into an altogether enjoyable experience.

Steps for Making Cannabis Oil at Home with the LEVO

  1. Pick Out Your Favorite Strain: All strains work well with LEVO, but you likely have some personal preference based on aroma, flavor, cannabinoid profile and effects.
  2. Select Your Oil: Virtually any liquid can be infused with cannabis using LEVO, however, cannabis is fat-soluble and works best in fatty liquids like coconut oil, butter, and olive oil. These oils and butters are also ideal for cooking and baking.
  3. The ACTIVATE Cycle: Remember how we said cannabis has to be decarboxylated to active the THC and other cannabinoids? Well, LEVO’s ACTIVATE cycle is expertly engineered to optimally activate your cannabis before infusion. Simply place your cannabis flower in the included metal herb pod (capable of holding up to 7g of flower). Lightly pack the pod, but not too tight. Next, place the pod in the reservoir, close the lid, and press ‘ACTIVATE’.
  4. Infusion: Once the ‘activate’ cycle has been completed, simply add 2 cups of your chosen oil, and press the ‘INFUSE’ button. This process gently stirs and infuses the flower into the oil.
  5. ENJOY: That’s all there is to it. With your now-infused oil, you can make an endless array of recipes you’ll love to enjoy and share with others.

How Does the LEVO Work?

The process of activating the best properties of cannabis, from its aroma and flavors to potential health benefits and psychoactive effects is an art and a science unto its own.

LEVO takes out all of the guesswork and experimentation, optimally adjusting to the exact temperature and timeframe that will allow you to reliably get the most out of your flower and bud with zero-waste.

The end result is a pure and reliably potent canna oil that embodies everything you love about cannabis, in a form ready to be used in any number of recipes from food to drinks. They have a delicious Brownie Mix available and the price isn’t bad! They even have a complete Gummy Making Kit available to make things easy for you!

Who is the LEVO Machine Ideal For?

LEVO II machine in Licorice Black color

Photo from Levo Official Site

Virtually anyone who is interested in making homemade cannabis oil will fall in love with the LEVO. If any of the following sounds familiar, you may find that LEVO is the best investment you’ll make this year. You can start by purchasing LEVO Ultimate Bundle Kit which contains the essentials you need to start infusing.

  • Are you fed up with messy, smelly infusion recipes that leave you with loads of dishes and utensils to wash?

  • Are you short on time these days and dream of an easier more convenient way to make canna oil at home?

  • Tired of spending all of your paychecks on overpriced edibles from the local dispensary?

  • Enjoy cooking, baking, and experimenting in the kitchen?

  • Seeking out natural wellness supplements to improve your quality of life?

  • Interested in stepping up your hosted dinners or parties with something truly unique?

  • Have a favorite strain that you’ve been dying to turn into an oil infusion you can use in recipes?

  • Want to make your own cannabis ‘topicals’ and creams?

  • View purity as a top priority and want greater control over the ingredients that go into your oils and edibles?

Levo Machine Pros and Cons


1. Easy to use
2. Parts are all dishwasher safe
3. Offers lots of bundle options
4. Has all-in-one and fully customizable dry, activate (decarboxylate), and infuse cycles
5. Retains flavors without the need for additives


1. Other merchandise like accessories and consumable items purchased cannot be refunded
3. Official store does not allow for large batch sizes
4. Cleaning without a dishwasher may be difficult
5. Apps are unnecessary and not really functional for most customers

Tips For Beginners Interested in Making Homemade Cannabis Oil

Does making your own cannabis oil seem a bit intimidating?

We get it. Luckily LEVO makes the process incredibly easy and virtually fool-proof. That said, here are a few tips to help you out as a beginner.

  1. To Decarboxylate or Not to Decarboxylate, that is The Question

Activating or decarboxylating transforms cannabinoids, such as THC, into a psychoactive form that gives you the euphoric high typical of marijuana. However, you DO NOT have you ‘activate’ or decarb your cannabis to make an infused oil. Some individuals, due to personal preference or medical reasons prefer the non-psychoactive form of cannabis but still enjoy and get benefits from the full cannabinoid profile.

To do this with LEVO, simply skip the ‘ACTIVATE’ step and go straight to the INFUSION step.

  1. Choosing the Right Oil

A wide variety of oils can be used to make cannabis oil, but some are better than others. Here are a few considerations.

For Baking: you may want to simply use whatever cooking oil your original recipe for the food item calls for. For example, if your brownie recipe takes vegetable oil, then use vegetable oil.

For Tinctures: for tinctures, such as those taken under the tongue or swallowed, a carrier oil such as MCT or coconut oil is often ideal.

Health: Olive oil is often preferred due to its healthy fat profile, OMEGA 3 and 6 fatty acids, and its natural antimicrobial properties.

  1. Potency and Moderation

Edibles smack. HARD.

But effects often aren’t noticed for anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 hours later depending on your body’s own biochemistry and other factors. Always start SMALL, and WAIT. Patience is key, especially for new users who may not yet know how they will be affected.

PRO TIP: The longer you INFUSE, the more potent your cannabis oil will be. The max infusion time LEVO supports is 10 hours. If you need a second infusing set, there are spare parts available from LEVO.

Ready to make your own cannabis oil?

Have a special recipe you’d like to share? Let us know about it?